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Yoga & Mindfulness Program for Kids

Every mama knows that yoga can help kids grow healthier. But did you know that yoga and meditation helps children boost their immune system, improve focus and attention, and even aids digestion? The benefits of yoga are truly endless. 
That's right! A regular yoga practice can teach children to manage stress and anxiety, increase restful sleep, promote kindness and joy, and even helps them become more confident and self sufficient.

Postnatal Fitness Training

We believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong body and healthy heart. We also believe working out should be enjoyed! However, for many moms with young children, establishing a workout routine can be difficult. This motivating -mommy and me- tribe was created to help busy moms like you, adopt a fun and engaging weekly workout routine -without having to sacrifice bonding time with your baby.

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Meditation Classes & Workshops

Relax, unwind & reconnect with yourself.

We know you are a busy woman with a million tasks! Each of our classes is designed to teach you easy and effective mindfulness techniques so you can be more efficient, productive, and calm everyday. 
Whether you're new to the mindfulness scene, or have been practicing for a while, you will leave each class feeling refreshed, inspired, and empowered.

Wellness Coaching

Reset Your Health, Body, & Mind​

Join our 12-week wellness coaching program designed for devoted mamas who want to feel energized, vibrant, and balanced each and every day. This empowering program focuses on transformation from within allowing you to heal, strengthen, and free yourself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, so all areas of your life to improve greatly and rapidly. 


“Quiet the mind and your soul will speak.”

-Ma Java Sati Bhagavati-

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Why Mindfulness and Meditation

-Discover what Meditation can do for you-

Meditation is the simple act of focusing our attention inwards. 

While meditation is mostly known as a relaxation technique used to slow down and focus on the present moment; the benefits of meditation are truly endless and go beyond helping us escape our busy, fast moving, modern lifestyle. 

When we meditate, we give our bodies an empowering break, a chance to realign and rejuvenate.

 A 10 minute daily meditation practice has been proven to lower stress, strengthen our immune system, help us prevent illnesses, and give us the amazing opportunity to heal our bodies completely, inside and out. 


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