Dear Mama,

                dear Goddess

I am SO excited to have you here!
My name is Barbie Ortner, I am a holistic health coach, post natal fitness trainer, and mindfulness teacher. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to introduce myself, so you get to know me a bit better.
First off, I am PASSIONATE about all things wellness. My own wellness journey began when I was a teenager and continued to grow slowly as a young adult. But it wasn't until I became a mother that I made substantional changes to my lifestyle. In 2010, I adopted a vegan diet, switched over to natural products to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals, started working out outdoors daily, and eventually welcomed mindfulness and meditation into my life. It wasn't always easy, and I've had many of ups and downs! However, I am forever thankful for those because they shaped the vibrant, healthy woman I am today.
I have learned many valuable lessons and tips in the past 10 years that I would love to share with you, in hope of helping you on your own journey of wellness and inner transformation.



The Blissful Mama

"I created The Blissful Mama with the intention to provide mothers like you with an empowering and refreshing take on self-care and personal growth. 
It is my desire that through our classes and workshops, you acquire the knowledge and inspiration to expand your wellness, so you and your family can experience the highest level of wellbeing, wholeness, and balance in your lives".


Born in Argentina, Barbara Ortner (aka Barbie) cultivated her unique interdisciplinary approach to holistic health, that eventually lead her to a passionate career in wellness as a Certified Postnatal Fitness Trainer and mat Pilates instructor, Mindfulness Teacher, Plant-Based Health Coach, and NLP Practitioner. She later became certified as a yoga instructor for babies, kids and teens, and has been sharing the teachings of yoga and mindfulness with little yogis since then. Her encouraging style of teaching is fueled by a passion for healthy living and a belief that a grateful heart with a positive mindset is the ultimate authority in life. In her free time, Barbie enjoys reading, spending time in nature with her kids, and creating clothing designs on her laptop. 

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Barbie Ortner - Teacher and Founder of The Blissful Mama.


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