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Wellness Classes and Workshops

Below you will find descriptions of our current classes and workshops.

 Did you know that THE BLISSFUL MAMA offers FREE introductory classes on a weekly basis around SWFL? Time and location of these classes may change weekly, so please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or check our website periodically to see our upcoming events.

We can't wait to see you there!

Balancing of the Energy Centers

CLASS - 60 Minutes

Our body has 7 disks or wheels of energy that are aligned from the root of our spine to the top of the head. When this wheels are aligned, balanced and healthy, our bodies feel vibrant, full of energy and stamina. When these centers are out of balance however, we become ill. In this class, we will focus on the breath and mindfulness meditation to balance these energy centers, so you can restore and heal your own body.

Beach Meditation

CLASS - 30 Minutes

Take a break, enjoy the warm breeze, and rest your soul among the gentle waves and soft sand. Join us for a relaxing 30 minute meditation class for beginners in paradise!

Fit Mama Tribe

CLASS - 45 Minutes

This class was created for mamas who want to exercise but don't want to do it alone! Every week, we hang out outdoors with other mindful mamas -and their kiddos- for a fun full body workout. We end each class with a 20 minute gentle yoga so you can go about your day feeling refreshed and relaxed. Moms grow healthier and stronger, kiddos have fun, win-win for all of us!

Glowing Prana

CLASS - 60 Minutes

If you want to glow, you must let go! Set yourself free from the past, release, forgive, and get ready to live life as your authentic self. In this powerful meditation class, we will incorporate energy breathing and visualization techniques that will spark your spirit, leaving you feeling light, vibrant, and glowing like never before.


Goddess on Fire

WORKSHOP - 90 Minutes

Step into your greatness and unleash your true potential in this empowering women's workshop. Learn to set boundaries, build confidence, and become unstoppable! Is time to take back your power and live life on fire!

Meditation for Beginners

CLASS - 60 Minutes

In this friendly introductory class, you will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation and all its benefits. We will go over different breathing techniques, learn about the power of visualization, and how to achieve brain-heart coherence for self-healing.
By the end of the class, you will be ready to start a meditation practice at home, and at your own pace!


Start a Plant-based Lifestyle

WORKSHOP - 60 Minutes

Learn the benefits of plant based diet and how to transition yourself and your family in this friendly class. Learn simple, fast, highly nutritious, and delicious recipes.

Kids Yoga Tribe

CLASS - 30 Minutes

In this class, kids ages 2 and up will learn to meditate and do yoga with their parents in a fun, effective way! Kids absorb information incredibly fast, so this class is short and sweet, allowing them to stay present and focused. We will use paper boats, calming breathing techniques, and practice a simple bedtime meditation for restful sleep, that will allow your child to improve focus and attention, and boost the immune system.
This family event is great for bonding and strengthening the relationships between your loved ones. Make sure to attend to this class, you won't regret it!

 Zen Mama 

WORKSHOP - 90 Minutes

Motherhood is incredibly rewarding, but every mom knows it can get challenging and frustrating at times! I have created a supportive and friendly space, exclusively for mothers! This workshop is designed to teach moms how to manage stress through motherhood, as they learn to better control their emotions and find calm instantly, by incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and NLP techniques.

Yoga Mats

What to Bring for Your First Class

Since most of the class is spent on the ground, we recommend you bring a yoga mat and/or cozy blanket, so you can have a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

Full Disclosure:

Meditation has been known to cause extreme happiness, gratitude, and peace of mind. Get ready to experience extraordinary transformation as your embark in this incredible journey.

You've been warned!